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Pearson VUE is built on a foundation of experience in electronic testing.

  • Clarke Porter, Steve Nordberg and Kirk Lundeen, pioneers in the electronic testing industry, set out to create a world-class training services company that would help the IT industry better serve its learners. Virtual University Enterprises (VUE) launches to connect people with authorised certification training.
  • European call centre established under the name VUE Europe BV, in Woerden, Netherlands.
  • Sydney, Australia office opens to provide local support and expertise.
  • VUE launches its first presence on the World Wide Web.
  • NCS acquires VUE to spearhead its entry into electronic testing. NCS-VUE pioneers advanced test administration technology and begins delivering computer-based tests for IT customers through a global, authorised test centre network.
  • Pearson plc. acquires NCS-VUE. The new company, NCS Pearson, joins a prestigious family of businesses that include Penguin Publishing, Pearson Education and the Financial Times.
  • NCS Pearson opens an office in Tokyo, Japan.
  • NCS Pearson acquires Goal Designs, a Massachusetts-based software and consulting firm with expertise in professional certification management and the developers of CERTS, a leading item banking tool.
  • State-of-the-industry, owned and operated Pearson Professional Centres open; establishing the gold standard in computer-based-testing and marking the company’s entrance into delivering exams for health care, financial and other customers in the professional market.
  • Company’s official name becomes Pearson VUE.
  • Pearson VUE receives patent for unique security design of Pearson Professional Centres.
  • The New Delhi, India office opens expanding our presence and local support into India.
  • UK-based call centre begins operations.
  • European office moves to London.
  • Pearson VUE acquires Promissor, a leading provider of knowledge measurement services with a focus on professional assessments in the real estate, insurance, mortgage lending, contracting, employment and health care industries. The acquisition launches Pearson VUE into the regulatory market.
  • Agreement signed with DANTES to locate Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centres on American military installations.
  • Launch of Pearson VUE Authorised® Test Centre-Selects, providing clients increased security and additional global reach.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols, including digital photo and signature capture launched in all Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centres.
  • Palm vein recognition technology implemented in Pearson Professional Centres as part of Pearson VUE’s Secure Testing Framework™.
  • Introduction of the multi-modal Integrated Platform; a solution that integrates multiple test delivery platforms with one registration system and one set of results for each candidate.
  • Pearson VUE acquires Integral7, a leading credential management software provider, adding best-in-class client and candidate tools to the company’s portfolio.
  • Launch of mindhub™, the certification preparation marketplace that provides study guides, practice tests and other learning materials to candidates globally.
  • India-based call centre begins operations.
  • Pearson VUE named one of Minnesota’s Best Places to Work.
  • Pearson VUE partners with the American Council on Education to create a new public-private partnership for GED Testing Service that drives the future direction, design and delivery of the GED® Test. Nearly 800,000 GED® tests are taken that year.
  • Launch of E^Pro, the English for Professionals Exam, accurately and efficiently assesses a candidate’s ability to apply comprehensive English communication skills in a professional setting.
  • Pearson VUE acquires Certiport, the leading provider of foundational-level exams and practice test solutions. Thousands of Certiport test centres deliver exams for Microsoft, HP, Adobe and other IT leaders.
  • Pearson VUE acquires Exam Design and adds a best-in-class authoring tool to the company’s existing item development expertise. ExamDeveloper™ allows complete collaboration with other content writers and then manages content throughout the exam development cycle.
  • Launch of Provusion, the training and learning marketplace developed exclusively for Pearson VUE Authorised® Test Centres.
  • Launch of remote proctored delivery.
  • Pearson VUE launches Acclaim, a new enterprise badging solution that offers a new way to issue, verify and share digital credentials.

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