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Acclaim to issue digital badges to certified Citrix professionals

BLOOMINGTON, MN, Sep. 3, 2015 – Pearson VUE today announced a new partnership with Citrix to issue digital badges to certified Citrix professionals.

Pearson VUE is the Citrix exclusive test delivery provider for all of its technical certification exams, and beginning with this new partnership, Pearson’s badging platform, Acclaim, will be leveraged to issue web-enabled credentials to Citrix Certified Associates, Professionals, and Experts in Virtualization, Networking and Mobility. These digital badges provide certified Citrix professionals the ability to share their in-demand skills to online destinations such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even their own blogs or websites in a way that is secure and verifiable.

“Communicating credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace can be challenging,” said Kurt Heusner, vice president of Citrix WW Professional Services. “Citrix Certified Associates, Professionals, and Experts have valuable skills that deserve the kind of dynamic recognition digital badges enable. We want our certified professionals to be able to combine credentials to form a complete view of their skills and provide partners, customers and employers in general, with easy access to that information. By partnering with Acclaim, we’re making it easier for our certified professionals to share their achievements with context and verification.”

Acclaim’s approach to applying the Mozilla Foundation's open badge standard is to work with high-stakes certification organizations, academic institutions and professional organizations to represent resume-worthy learning outcomes and professional skills sought after by employers.

Badges issued through Acclaim come from a trusted and a reputable source – in this case, Citrix – and can be verified by clicking on the badge. Each badge includes details that show who earned the certification, what specifically was accomplished and the capabilities of the certification holder. This level of transparency makes it easy for certified professionals to represent online their full range of abilities to partners, customers, employers, and industry peers.

“By issuing badges through Acclaim, Citrix is not only offering their certification holders a valuable tool for enhancing personal employability,” said Clarke Porter, general manager for Acclaim at Pearson VUE, ”but also increasing their own brand visibility in the marketplace. A Citrix certification means something in the IT world, and digital badges strengthen that connection for employers.”

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