Important notice concerning testing in areas affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus):

Updated February 27, 2020
In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and in accordance with local government guidance, Pearson VUE is temporarily closing its mainland China testing centres and suspending exam delivery through our third-party mainland China test centre network.

NCRA Certification Testing

NCRA Certification Testing

NCRA certification and credentialing programs have set the standard for excellence since 1935. The programs were established to individually recognize the competence of court reporters, captioners and videographers. NCRA has selected Pearson VUE to administer their RPR, RDR, CRC and CLVS written knowledge examinations. Candidates interested in registering for a skills examination must register separately with NCRA.

Written Knowledge Exam Registration


You cannot schedule your Written Knowledge Exam with Pearson VUE before registering with NCRA and submitting your test fees. Within 72 hours of registering with NCRA, you will receive your NCRA Exam Confirmation and Scheduling Information, required to register with Pearson VUE. Please allow 72 hours for receipt of your NCRA Exam Confirmation and Scheduling Information.

All candidates must present a photo ID for verification of identity when signing into the test center

  • Without exception, the first and last name on your photo ID must match the first and last name in your NCRA record. For example, if you have recently married and NCRA has your married name, but your photo ID contains your maiden name, you will not be permitted entry to the testing facility. Or, if NCRA has your first name as Greg and your photo id has Gregory, you will not be permitted entry to the testing facility. If you have any questions or change your name after your initial registration you must notify NCRA’s Testing Department at

Required Reading

For complete information on NCRA’s certification and credentialing programs, including testing policies and procedures, candidates must read the NCRA’s Required Information page before registering for a exam.

Scheduling a Written Exam

Pearson VUE offers a variety of scheduling options for the convenience of NCRA test candidates. Your NCRA Exam Confirmation and Scheduling Information is required to register for a testing site for the Written Knowledge Exam. You will receive your NCRA Exam Confirmation and Scheduling Information from NCRA within 72 hours of registering for the Written Knowledge Exam with NCRA.

Last updated 2019-09-18