FAQs: for prospective test centres

It’s easy to join the Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centre network if you meet basic requirements. You’ll find an application, technical specifications and instructions available from the Test Centre home page.

Sites that have fulfilled all technical and facility requirements and have submitted the required documents, photos, and agreements in a timely manner, can be up and running in as little as one month.

There is no cost for the site to become an authorised test centre. Pearson VUE provides the software and technical support services free of charge to your site. However, sites must meet minimum technical requirements, which includes the computer equipment as well as the Enhanced Security Protocol (ESP) kit.

The ESP kit contains two digital cameras and a digital signature pad. The kit can be purchased from Pearson VUE for $450 or sites can purchase the equipment on their own, per the technical requirements.

For sites located in the United States, go to Pearson VUE's mindhub store and follow the directions to create an account and purchase the kit: https://www.mindhub.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ESPKIT.

For sites located outside of the United States, please contact your Channel Manager for options on how to order your ESP kit.  

Technical requirements do not allow the use of laptops in our test centres. Refer to the technical requirements for more information.

When a Pearson VUE testing session is in progress, the room must be dedicated to testing. Any other time the room can be used for other purposes.

No, our technicians will not visit your site. However, they are available by phone to support all aspects of your installation.

To view the list of exams now available to authorised test centres, visit the Deliver these exams page.

  1. Your site is provided with a Site ID, username, and password to access the VUE Support System.
  2. Our Support Services team will contact your technical support person to complete the software installation.
  3. At the same time, your Test Administrator (TA) can access self-study training materials to prepare for TA Certification and pre-activation steps.
  4. Your site will then be activated for Pearson VUE test delivery.
  5. More questions? Read the FAQs for current test centres.

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