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Secondary schools and beyond

Education comes in many forms — from public to private — with names ranging from high school to adult education, finishing school to college and university. Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centres in academic institutions provide immediate benefits to their schools and students, offering a way to:

  • Supplement student learning with a convenient, on-site location for computer-based testing
  • Incent staff and alumni to achieve higher credentials in their lines of work
  • Provide a community service, welcoming test takers not associated with the school
  • Design a schedule that leverages computer labs when they are not being utilised for teaching
  • Drive revenue

Academic programmes offered through Pearson VUE

Flexible programme options

  • Classroom/computer lab – Take advantage of existing computer workstations that can do double-duty as testing stations.
  • Mobile testing – A great option for one-time test events, allowing you to test at conferences and locations beyond the standard classroom or lab.
  • Public test centre – Pearson VUE allows your centre to offer public testing to the community.
  • Private test centre – You may opt to offer testing only to the test candidates you serve.

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