Test content – your most valuable asset

Developing high-quality test questions takes more than an understanding of the exam objectives and subject knowledge. High-performing items result from expertise in the item writing process. You want to know your test items are assessing what they’re intended to assess.

Content development: Learn about best practices
Kellie Britten, Director of Content Development

Writing your test items

The Pearson VUE content development team is expert in both traditional item types and innovative formats. We offer two options to assist you in creating test items for your exams:

  • Facilitated workshops: We work closely with your subject matter experts to create test items. We train your item writers and facilitate item writing and review workshops. 
  • Contracted services: If you don’t have subject matter experts, we also offer a full-service model in which we recruit and manage item writers and reviewers on your behalf.

ExamDeveloper™ – a robust, collaborative authoring tool

Whether you’re partnering with our content team or plan to create your own content, you can benefit from the secure, collaborative environment of ExamDeveloper to write your test items. ExamDeveloper creates specific item work flows (write, review, validate) and allows you to set rules, guidelines and even standards.

Uniquely built by psychometricians and testing experts, this industry-leading platform assists you in:

  • Collaborating remotely
  • Securely maintaining your test items and associated metadata
  • Managing the entire exam development lifecycle

Learn more about ExamDeveloper.

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