Service options


Full-service model

Should you require a comprehensive, end-to-end solution, Pearson VUE can provide a fully outsourced service to meet your content development and psychometric services needs.

Partial-service model

If you have existing exam development resources, Pearson VUE can provide supplemental services to assist your in house team. You may choose to utilise Pearson VUE for psychometric services, or for all or some of your content development tasks. We work with you to define the scope of work. You are able to leverage your internal expertise and still benefit from our experience and best practices.

Self-service model

Do you have the expertise in-house to meet your test development needs, but want a robust collaboration platform to assist you? Look to Pearson VUE’s ExamDeveloper™.

Video: Program evaluation

Programme evaluation: Learn the steps 
Belinda Brunner, Test Development Strategist

Your test development success with Pearson VUE begins with a programme evaluation. Programme evaluation is a true differentiator. We spend time with you up front to customise our high-quality services for your specific needs. Drawing on the global experience that makes Pearson VUE an industry leader in high-stakes examination development, our team of content development experts and psychometricians will provide you sophisticated advice and guidance on the development of your exams.

A complete picture of your programme

Our content development and psychometric services team will evaluate your entire programme to fully understand your requirements, providing you a tailor-made implementation plan. You will receive a full report with which you can make informed decisions on how best to realise the development of your test programme.

Moving from pen & paper

If you currently have a pen & paper test, we can guide you through the many choices available when transitioning to a computer-based test (PDF, 5.2 MB).


Proven methods and technologies that form Pearson VUE’s Secure Testing Framework™ protect your intellectual property by minimising exposure to your content — from test development through to test delivery.

Learning content — the Pearson complementary effect

If you require a full suite of learner content — from textbooks and practice tests to learning platforms — you can enjoy a one-stop shop from Pearson, the world’s largest learning company.

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