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Client proctored test delivery

You’re looking for the freedom to provide your certification exam anywhere, anytime. With client proctored delivery, your exam can go “on-the-road” affordably when you manage the exam details yourself using Pearson VUE delivery software. Determine if a client proctored test delivery option is right for you:


Your location, your rules

Secure the exam location and determine the rules for exam day. Deliver exams at your training centre or at a conference - the decision is yours.


No special hardware needed

Client proctored testing supports a true bring your own device model in which your candidates can test on their own computers. All administrative tools are web-based.



Bring your own proctor. Leverage the staff you already have to ensure candidates are monitored during the exam.


Technical genius

You’ll control all implementation steps and manage onsite technical support for candidates.


Flexible scheduling options

Choose the option that’s right for your program objective:

Appointment required

Your candidates can pre-schedule their exam to ensure they have a seat at a large event.

No appointment required

Perfect for smaller venues or drop in locations where flexibility is key.


Worldwide exam delivery

Offer your testing event wherever you are, whether it’s a training event, a conference, or simply in your corporate test center.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if something goes wrong during my testing event?
    You will be provided training guides and resources to assist you in setting up and running your own testing event. For software issues you are unable to troubleshoot on your own, contact our client application support (Opens in new window).
  2. Do you provide proctors I can hire for my event?
    No, we don’t provide proctors for client proctored delivery models. You are responsible to source and train proctors for your event. We will provide a training guide to outline best practices and tips to help you.
  3. Can I offer my exam worldwide?
    Yes, that’s the beauty of client proctored delivery. You can offer your testing event wherever you are.
  4. Do I need special or dedicated hardware?
    No special or dedicated hardware is required. All administrative tools are web-based.

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