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Important notices:
  • OnVUE online proctored exams are available to candidates in North America ONLY. 
  • To test online effectively, candidates must meet the system requirements prior to scheduling the exam. If an interruption occurs during an OnVUE online proctored exam as a result of problems caused by a candidate’s computer or network connection, the test will be terminated, and the exam fee forfeited.
  • Attention OnVUE online proctored exam candidates: If you are testing online, please be sure to login with your PayrollOrg username and password at least 3 days prior to your scheduled exam appointment and verify that your login credentials are valid and active. If you need login assistance, call PayrollOrg Customer Service at (210) 224-6406. Office hours are Monday–Friday, 7:​00 a.m. – 5:​00 p.m. CT; closed on local holidays.

Before test day

Run a system test

Complete a system test and exam simulation before exam day.*

Run system test

*Issues? Check out the technical requirements.

Choose your testing space

Find a private, distraction-free area to take your exam.

Get your space ready (Opens in new window)

Get your ID ready

Make sure your personal identification meets requirements.

Once you’ve completed these preparatory steps, get familiar with the unique requirements for testing online.

For even more in-depth information, download our helpful guide to taking your exam online PDF (Opens in new window).

Schedule, reschedule or cancel your exam.

On test day

STEP 1. Do any last-minute prep

Be sure your computer and internet pass the pre-exam system test. Clear your desk/workspace of prohibited items and prep your equipment. Get your ID ready to present. Review our Exam rules / testing advice for specifics.

STEP 2. Check in

You can begin the check-in process up to 30 minutes before to 15 minutes after your appointment time.  

STEP 3. Start your exam

While testing, it’s best to focus on the questions and not get distracted. Observe all the environmental and behavioral rules. If you need help during your exam, use the chat icon to request assistance.

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Testing policies, FAQs and more

Candidate Handbooks / Forms

It is imperative that all PayrollOrg candidates read the appropriate Candidate Handbooks prior to making an exam reservation.

FPC Resources CPP Resources
Purchase the FPC Exam Purchase the CPP Exam
FPC Candidate Handbook (PDF, 684 KB) CPP Candidate Handbook (PDF, 532 KB)
FPC Exam Application CPP Exam Application
FPC Content Outlines CPP Content Outlines
FPC Postcard CPP Postcard
Last updated 2023-05-02