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Pharmacy National Recruitment Office (PNRO)

Applicants for Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Vacancies: Numeracy and Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

You have been invited to attend the Numeracy and SJT which forms part of the selection process for Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Recruitment.

More information about the assessment is available within the Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Recruitment Applicant Handbook which can be found on the ‘Resource bank’ of the Oriel system Before you can schedule your assessment appointment, you should create an account using your assessment specific Application Number provided in your registration/invitation correspondence. This correspondence will come directly from the PNRO and will include instruction on how to create an account and the details that must be entered upon doing so.

IMPORTANT: Your registration/invitation correspondence will be sent to the email account you entered on your Oriel application.

Further guidance about scheduling an assessment is given below.

The PNRO would like to wish you every success in the assessment.

Important Information

You must arrive 15 minutes before your booked appointment time i.e. if you book a 9.00am slot you should be at the Pearson VUE test centre at 8.45am.

The assessment is entitled “Foundation Trainee Pharmacists Numeracy and Situational Judgement Test”, with the exam series code ‘PNRO-NUM-SJT.’

As soon as you have created your testing account, (or signed in if you already have an existing account), you will be able to locate your nearest centre and book a place. Once scheduled, you can choose to subsequently change your booking (to a different date, time or test centre location) if required, up to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment start time, by simply logging into your account and choosing ‘Reschedule’.

If you book a place but decide not to attend, you should cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the assessment is due to be delivered.

The assessment will begin with a short tutorial to familiarise you with the controls and layout of the screens and will end with a short evaluation questionnaire. Use the Related Link section on this page to access some sample questions.

Please direct all enquires to Pharmacy National Recruitment Office. The Enquiries Portal will have an FAQ function which we would advise you to look through before submitting an enquiry.

Reasonable Adjustments

If you have had a reasonable adjustment approved by the Pharmacy National Recruitment Office for additional time, you will be able book your own slot via the Pearson VUE website. If you have had a reasonable adjustment approved that requires some further adjustment (other than extra time) you will be contacted by Pearson VUE directly, approximately 3 months before the testing event.

Calculator Use

Calculators are permitted during the Numeracy test. You are advised to bring your own calculator on the day of your test. A calculator will also be available on screen during the Numeracy test. Please note the following:

  • Only the following models are permitted:
    • Casio MX-8S-WE
    • Casio MX 8B-WE / MX-8B
    • Aurora HC133
    • Aurora DT210
  • No other makes or models will be permitted. You may not use calculators on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or equivalent technology.
  • You are responsible for making sure that your calculator works on the day. You may wish to consider bringing a spare as there will be no replacement calculators provided at the test centre (however, the on-screen calculator will be available for use should you need it).
  • You may not share a calculator with another candidate during your exam session.
  • Your calculator will be visually inspected prior to the start of the exam.
  • Other items, such as spare calculators, calculator covers, keystroke cards, instruction manuals, spare batteries, are not permitted in the testing room. These items must be stored in your secure locker outside of the testing room, and test centre staff will permit you to retrieve them only if needed.
  • Your calculator must remain on your desk in full view throughout your exam session

Information about the Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Numeracy and Situational Judgement Test:

Upon arrival at the test centre, you will be required to present one form of original (no photocopies), valid (unexpired) government issued ID that includes your name, photograph, and signature. The first and last name that you used to register must match exactly the first and last name on the ID that is presented on test day. To view the full ID policy, including any additional allowances to this policy, please visit If you have any questions or concerns about the ID you are required to bring with you to the testing centre for admittance for your test please contact the Pharmacy National Recruitment Office.

With the exception of your ID and your calculator (mentioned above), no personal belongings will be permitted inside the testing room. This includes mobile phones or other electronic devices, books, notes or notepaper, watches, wallets, photographic devices, bags, hats, pens or any other writing utensils, mascots, sweets or any kind of food or drink. You will be asked to store your personal belongings in a secure area (usually a locker, situated in the waiting area) as indicated by the test centre staff.

The Test Centre Administrator will offer you an erasable noteboard and pen, in order to take notes during your test. See examples below (click for larger version). No scratchpaper of any kind is permitted. Only one noteboard is permitted at any one time. If you fill the noteboard, do NOT attempt to erase the notes yourself - instead, raise your hand to alert the attention of the Administrator and request a replacement noteboard. The Administrator will provide a clean one and take away the used noteboard for cleaning. The noteboard must be handed back at the end of the test session.

Once seated at the exam workstation, when the exam is launched, you will be presented with the following:

NDA A non-disclosure agreement which you must accept in order to progress to the actual exam
Tutorial An optional tutorial to help you understand the basic functionality of the computer-based test and how to navigate through it and select your responses (15 mins)
Numeracy Test 10 questions (20 mins)
SJT Exam 52 exam questions (104 mins)
Survey A survey to enable you to give feedback (10 mins)

Reasonable Adjustments Timing

NB: The usual total duration for an exam appointment from start to finish is 149 mins. If you have been pre-approved for a time extension (because of a medical or neurological condition), your allotted exam appointment slot time will be increased, and the total appointment duration will be indicated in the confirmation email you receive upon scheduling the appointment. The amount of time for the Numeracy and SJT exam sections respectively will be increased by the percentage of the extra time accommodation you have been granted, rounded up the nearest whole number (e.g. 20 min Numeracy test + 25% extra time = 25 mins; 104 min SJT + 25% extra time = 130 mins)

Last updated 2024-06-13