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Baidu to deliver digital marketing exams via computer-based testing with Pearson VUE

BEIJING, CHINA, Dec. 15, 2017 – Baidu, the innovative high-tech company with a mission of “Making a Complex World Simpler through Technology”, and Pearson VUE, the global leader in computer-based testing (CBT), have entered into a new exam delivery agreement.

Pearson VUE will provide a CBT service for Baidu Certification via its network of highly secure test centers across the Asia-Pacific region and will expand to Europe and America in the future. The initially-published exams cover search engine marketing, digital marketing, website enhancement and operation, advertisement auditing and data analysis, and will expand to other fields such as native ads and brand advertising.

The new agreement means that exam candidates from a larger geographic sphere can schedule their exams at a date and time of their choice. They can also enjoy the convenience of sitting the exam at a local, highly secure test centre.

Linda Lin, general manager, key account sales at Baidu, said: “Through our new partnership with Pearson VUE we can improve testing experience for our candidates around the world. Also it further highlights the scientific, secure and professional brand image of Baidu Certification in terms of personnel evaluation standards in the field of Internet marketing in China.”

Bosheng Zhao, vice president, China at Pearson VUE, said: “This new agreement with Baidu will not only enhance the brand image of its certification program, but also provide increased convenience for its candidates.”

About Baidu
Baidu was co-founded in 2000 by Internet pioneer Robin Li, creator of visionary search technology Rankdex, a method of hyperlink analysis. He set out to provide the best and most equitable way for people to find what they're looking for and built a company culture predicated on two principles: simplicity and reliability. After a decade of development, Baidu has become the largest Chinese media platform in China and even in the world. The theme of the 2017 “Baidu World” Technology Conference was defined as “Bring AI to Life”. Baidu leverages AI from devoting to excellent products and attentive service to being committed to making easier life, easier communication and easier creation. Robin Li, Baidu chairman and CEO, explained Baidu latest brand assertion in his speech: the world is very complicated, Baidu knows you better.

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