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Whether you're planning to take your exam in a test centre or online, your testing experience starts on your exam programme’s homepage.

Ready, set, test

You’ve done the prep — now you get to prove yourself.

From driving skills to dentistry, real estate to risk management, and so much more, there’s a certification or licence for just about anything.

But no matter which specialty you’re pursuing, the journey concludes with an exam. And that comes with a lot of decisions. For example:

  • When can you test?
  • Will you take your exam in a test centre or online?
  • Do you need study aids and prep material?
  • What should you know about general testing rules?
  • Are there any programme-specific policies?

It might feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry. It’s all here.

And whether it’s your first, fifth or fortieth exam, we’ll help you successfully navigate every point on the testing journey.

Get started on your programme’s homepage.

The first stop you’ll want to make is your exam programme’s homepage. Use the search bar above or the A to Z list to find it.

Once there, you can:

  • See which exams are available
  • Login to or create an account
  • Search for a local test centre – or see if you can take your exam online
  • Find programme-specific rules, customer service and FAQs
  • Schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments
  • Explore exam prep materials

Schedule your exam

Find the best testing environment for you.

When you’re ready to schedule your exam, you’ll also need to decide where (and sometimes how) to take your exam. With nearly 6,000 test centres to choose from in more than 180 countries, chances are you’ll find a location nearby. Some exams can even be taken online, from the convenience of your own home. Check your programme page to find out if this is an option you can choose.

Should you take your exam online?

Online-proctored exams have their advantages, but they also have unique requirements. If your programme offers it, see what you’ll need to consider before deciding if the online option is right for you.

Weigh your options (PDF, Opens in new window)

Need more info to make your decision? Learn more about online exams.

Take your exam with confidence.

On exam day, the last thing you need is jangled nerves. Step up your self-confidence by reviewing tips and tricks, taking advantage of test prep materials, and reviewing some helpful FAQs.

Explore exam resources


Get the accommodations you need.

Every test-taker is different. At Pearson VUE, we’re committed to providing equitable access to testing for all. If you need accommodations during your test, such as extra time or a separate room, we can help.

Learn about accommodations


Let's get you answers. We recommend reviewing the frequently asked questions for general testing first. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact your programme-specific customer service team.