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Whether you’re an established high-stakes exam programme or looking to get started with computer-based testing, we’re here to help. With our integrated, end-to-end test development and delivery platform, you’ll realise the benefits of computer-based testing via the world’s largest test centre channel: increased security and efficiency, broad candidate reach, and world-class assessment services.

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As the leading end-to-end assessment service provider, we're proud to support you through every stage of your exam programme. Learn more about our test delivery services  to see how we can help you maximise your programme's potential.

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Our values drive us each step of the way. Watch this video to learn about the impact of computer-based testing — the opportunities it creates, the industries it furthers — on communities across the world. We’re proud to be a part of making computer-based testing stronger and more innovative every day.

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Your professionals deserve the best. With our combined knowledge of your industry and the power of certification, we can accurately and effectively measure their knowledge and skills to drive your industry forward. Lead the way in your industry: Discover the impact of computer-based testing.


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