Market planning and promotion

Successful candidate relationships are vital in sustaining and growing your programme. As your strategic marketing partner, we’re poised to help you meet your growth objectives by delivering professional marketing services at very competitive rates.

We know the market

Our marketing managers bring in-depth market knowledge to each promotion they work on. We understand the unique challenges of the different markets we serve and have experience messaging to and reaching your specific audience. We have successfully provided marketing services to a wide variety of clients in the following markets:

Proven talent and tools

As a fully integrated marketing team, we work across every marketing discipline to create activities and promotions that reach your audience with impact in a cost-effective way. Want to make a bigger splash at a conference? Need help with branding? Trying to understand social media and how to manage it? Regardless of your communication or marketing challenge, our full-service marketing team can help.

With a deep understanding of your strategic objectives and programme data, the Pearson VUE Marketing team engages test takers throughout their credentialing journey. Whether we develop and distribute world-class promotions on your behalf, or show you how to take advantage of Credential Manager’s event-based messages, we’re ready to promote your credentials.

marketing portfolioCreating awareness ... increasing exam volume ... promoting credentials. Our marketers have worked with the best testing programmess in the world. See how we’ve helped them reach their goals.

Global marketing for global programmes

The Pearson VUE marketing team provides dedicated client marketing support in many different regions. To understand and effectively communicate with your candidates, Pearson VUE marketers can serve you from offices in:

  • Bloomington, Minnesota
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • London, England
  • Noida, India
  • Beijing, China

How you work with us is up to you

Clients access Pearson VUE marketing services in several ways:

  • Project-based marketing - Ad hoc, quick-turn-around and professional marketing or communications projects
  • Market Development Fund (MDF) marketing - Longer term, scheduled promotions requiring in-depth strategic and creative effort
  • Full outsource marketing for clients who need our full capabilities — and our full attention

Ask a question

We welcome your questions. Use our online form to contact a business development representative in your region of the world.