IMA Certification Testing

SYSTEM UPDATE: SEPARATE Certitrek (Specialty Certified Medical Assistant) ACCOUNTS

If you have tested with other organizations through Pearson VUE, a new account has been created for you that only contains your Certitrek exam registrations and history.

Your original account will retain exams for any other organization and may be accessed on the respective login page.

To access your new Certitrek account, click Forgot my username and provide the required information, then your new username will be displayed on-screen. Next, click “Forgot my password” and complete the steps to access your new Certitrek account.

Testing is coordinated through the Certitrek Group

The International Medical Assistant (IMA) is a certification that validates the clinical knowledge of the medical assistants, their administrative skills as well as their professional and behavioral skills. International medical assistants are certified for a global role in medical assistance.

SCMA Certification Testing

Testing is coordinated through the Certitrek Group

The Specialty Certified Medical Assistant-SCMA® certification ensures that medical assistants are recognized for their superb skills and extensive knowledge in their field. We also provide physicians a way to quantify the experience and knowledge of medical assistant applicants.  We offer 13 different therapeutic specialties in which you may choose to become certified.


  • Cardiology (SCMA-CD)
  • Dermatology (SCMA-D)
  • Endocrinology (SCMA-END)
  • Family Medicine (SCMA-FM)
  • Geriatrics (SCMA-G)
  • Internal Medicine (SCMA-IM)
  • Oncology (SCMA-ON)
  • Orthopedic Surgery (SCMA-ORS)
  • Pediatrics (SCMA-PD)
  • Transplantation Surgery (SCMA-TTS)
  • Urology (SCMA-U)
  • Women’s Health (SCMA-WH)
Last updated 2022-09-28