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Unity Certifications Set the Standard

Unity Certifications Set the Standard

Unity Certified Expert: Programmer - Beta Test

We are excited to have you take the brand new Expert exam - follow these simple steps to register. Returning users, simply Sign In. If you are new to the site select Create Account and follow the prompts. Click View Exams. In the Unity Exam Catalog the Beta Test is at the top of the list. Select it, then complete the registration process.

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Setting the professional standard for real-time content creators

Take aim at your dream job! Accelerate your career in games, VR, film, automotive or any of the many industries that are clamoring for Unity talent. Whether you are a programmer or artist, beginner or expert, we’ve got a certification that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Unity Certified Programmer and 3D Artist

Unity certifications for professionals across all industries.

Unity Certified 3D Artist Unity Certified Programmer

Apply with confidence and land your dream job in this growing, lucrative field. These certifications are designed for aspiring and experienced professionals across all industries. Whether you’re applying for your first Unity job or looking to propel your career to the next level, Unity Certification can help you validate your abilities and show your commitment to professional standards. Choose Unity Programmer or Unity 3D Artist—or do them both! Learn how to prepare for these certifications and find out more about the exams at Unity Certification.

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Unity Certified Expert

The only advanced professional certifications for the games industry.

Unity Certified Expert Gameplay ProgrammerUnity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & AnimationUnity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Shading & Effects

Take your career to the highest level. Become a Unity Certified Expert and show your expertise in one of three specialized roles:Gameplay Programmer,Technical Artist:Rigging and Animation, or Technical Artist: Shading & Effects. Unity Expert certifications are recommended for people who have accrued a variety of advanced, practical experience—such as experience developing games or interactive, real-time applications—with two shipped titles under your belt. Learn how to prepare for these expert certifications and find out more about the exams at Unity Certification.

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Unity Certified Associate

Validate your knowledge of Unity and game development.

Unity Certified Associate

Demonstrate that you have mastered foundational Unity skills and understand the core concepts of game development. Unity Associate certification can help you stand out when applying for schools, internships, or even jobs. Learn how to prepare for this introductory certification and find out more about the exam at Unity Certification.

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Share your credentials

Once certified, you’ll receive a verifiable digital badge from Acclaim which will be your online credential that you can share. You can add it to an electronic resume submission, embed it on your website or blog, put it in your email footer, or share it on social network such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


To find out more about Unity Certification exams and policies, please read the FAQ.

Last updated 2020-06-18